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CT-100 Combined Table Units


The CT-100 offers all functions needed in a combined table with compact design and easy- to- operate system

●Full stainless steel kick plate

●Overhead lamp with jointed arm

● Chair elevation controls

●Counterbalanced vision tester arm

●Full autoswitch functions

Technical parameters:

1. rocker arm on lap angle:±30°

2. table size (mm):670×400

3. rotary table:90°

4. movements seating: 500-700mm


Electrical parameters

1. input voltage:

110V/220V AC 50Hz~60Hz

2. electric power:150W 220V AC 

3. lighting:16W 110V/220V AV

4. Fuse:5A 250V AC

Installation size

1. size:


2. the whole weight: 95Kg

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