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Company History

Our company founder devoted himself to the medical field in 1998. In 2004 we began to focus our efforts in the ophthalmology and optometry market.

After a decade of medical studies, in 2009 we registered the “Ray Vision” brand, and immediately began to work on the R&D of manufacturing ophthalmic products.

The focus on sales in the ophthalmology and optometry market followed shortly with the emphasis of becoming an institution integrating production and research.

With the gradual maturity of the ophthalmology market and the need for international development, in 2010 we established “Singapore Ray Vision Group Pte Ltd”.

Our list of medical highlights begins in 2011, when we launched one of our most successful products: the DS-STD imaging system. The DS-STD was created with completely independent research and development, as well as all of its proprietary intellectual property and manufacturing technology.

In 2013 we hit a major breakthrough with another one of our most successful products: the "ELITE" digital ophthalmic visual acuity chart. A fully customizable projector of charts and displays, the “ELITE” is not limited by space or location, and is perfect for any ophthalmic professional. 

The success of “ELITE” represented a huge leap for visual acuity charts, setting a new standard of digital eye acuity charts in the field.

In 2015 we developed the “PHONTO” Imaging System. Super versatile and portable, we took our mission of providing customers with better solutions through innovation to the next level.

Then, in 2016, we covering Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, as well as the North and South American markets. 

Following the establishment of our company, we began to plot out a stable growth plan that consisted of hiring engineers, ophthalmology experts, sales professionals, and marketing personnel.

We have continued to grow ever since, launching the successful "PHOENIX" imaging system in 2017.

Ray Vision continues to prioritize innovation. To this day, every product is treated like a work of art with the thought, precision, and quality that goes into them.

We adopt a strict quality management system to ensure the durability and reliability of our products.

Ligo – Ray Vision chairman: “When Ray Vision implements a service brand strategy, customers are the foundation and employees are practitioners who implement the brand strategy. Only by continuously innovating and refining our established practices, as well as our links to customer satisfaction, can we achieve success.”

Through the implementation of the “best practice” service brand strategy, we will create an ophthalmic company with satisfied customers and comfortable employees. 

Over the years, our fighting spirit and innovation has allowed us to make significant achievements. We continuously strive for better quality products while chasing perfection.

Through our continuous work and advancements in the field of digital ophthalmic eye charts, we have unanimously earned the recognition of the industry.

We continue to take our unremitting development of improving ophthalmic products as its core business philosophy, and continues to forge ahead and fight courageously. We are brave and full of enthusiasm to provide the future possibilities of ophthalmic products. 

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