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Innovative Ophthalmic Products

We at Ray Vision pride ourselves in being able to bring you the best and most reliable innovative ophthalmic instruments on the market today. Through more than two decades of hard work and dedication, our continued research will deliver high performance and ease of use, all at an affordable price.

Why Ray Vision


We at Ray Vision pride ourselves on innovation and quality prod

·Research and Development

Our R&D is independently ran. We are constantly funding our pro


Major brand OEMs, with years of industry experience . Always bringing you the best quality.

Our Company Values

·Customers First

Customer care has and always will be a top priority to everyone at Ray Vision. Our focus revolves around fulfilling our guest’s needs, solving their problems and providing top of the line quality goods and services. The job is not done until you are completely satisfied. 

·Passion and Creativity

Customer and Employee satisfaction is vital in creating service delivery excellence. Determination, passion and positive team spirit is at the heart of the company. We are an innovation driven team.

·Making the Best Products in the World

Ray Vision created completed product ranges for medical professionals across the US and other countries.

Development Strategy

Create ongoing value for your customers, driven by the customer experience.

At Ray Vision, we know that the correct combination of technology and process implementation can create a paradigm shift within the practice, redefining the traditional value proposition and creating a new template-standard for technology adoption within our industry.

Time is the hinge pin within each practice. A new generation of Ray Vision technology integration recaptures this precious commodity – allowing each practice to choose how to reinvest ‘time’ for their greatest gain.

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