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Elite AIO Optical Digital Visual Acuity Chart


Ray visions newest generation of the Elite. Any screen is your visual acuity chart!

  • HDMI supported. 

  • Compact size /w 5G system storage

  • No direct aiming required! 2.4G RF remote control is omnidirectional

  • Wi-fi and Bluetooth compatible 

  • Multilingual System option

  • Fluorescent keypad that makes testing in a dark room much easier! 

  • Works out of the box Plug and play. Full-functional and multiple charts. RF wireless remote Fluorescent keypad.

  • Smart calibration with easy setup.

  • High definition up to 1920 x 1080 (HD 1080P) 

  • Life time warranty AND any Software updates to the product are free

  • Imperial and Metric standard optional

  • Video, audio, and pictures customized storage display

  • Mirror function available

  • Continuous testing distance, from 3 ft. to 22 ft.

  • Includes BenQ GW2480 24"LCD IPS Monitor /w wall mount capability 

  • Weight: 17 Lbs

  • Size: 25*20*13

  • Main unit (x1)

  • Remote control (x1)

  • Remote receiver (x1) (inside the remote control)

  • USB power cable (x1)

  • Power supply adapter (x1)

  • HDMI extension cable (x1)

  • Calibration Bar (x1)

  • Quick start guide (x1)

  • BenQ GW2480 24"LCD IPS Monitor (x1)

  • Wall mount (x1)

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