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● Assistant microscope can be rotated to opponent microscope.

● Internal beam splitter can be connected with teaching tube and CCD system.

● Equipped with three different objective lenses (f200/f250/f300) and applicable in ophthalmic surgery, orthopedic surgery and hand surgery.

● Oblique illumination can also be used as slit illumination and slit width is adjustable.


●Eyepiece Magnification:12.5x

●Adjustable Diopter:±5D

●Adjustable Range for PD:55mm~75mm

● Magnification for Main Microscope: F=200:4X 6X 10X 16X 25X

F=250:3.2X 5X 8X 12.8X 20X

F=300:2.7X 4.2X 6.7X 11X 17X

Magnifications for Assistant Microscope:

F=200:6X 10X 16X

F=250:5X 8X 12.8X

F=300:4.2X 6.7X 11X

lllumination Source: 12V/100W,cold reflection halogen bulb for medical use.

Ilumination Type: 6°+0°coaxial illumination of cold ight source and 25°

Oblique llumination(It can be used as slit illumination)

Slit Width is adjustable, and its angle is 360°rotatable.

●Coaxial lllumination:≥50000lx

●Oblique lllumination:≥45000lx

● Reaching Radius of Arm: 1040mm

●Adjustable Vertical Range: 850mm1350mm

● Fine Focusing Speed and Range:≤2mm/s,≥50mm 

● Speed forX/Y and Range:≤2mm/s,50mm×50mm

● Voltage:AC 110V/220V±10%,50Hz/60Hz

●Power: 330VA

●Fuse:T4.0AL 250VT8.0AL 125V

●Packing Volume:0.727m3,5 cartons

●Total Gross Weight:210kg

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