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Featuring special binocular tube, motorized zoom magnification and user-friendly foot switch, the OM-V200 is fully dedicated to the needs of routine.



ZOOM magnifications for the main microscope, 4X25X continuously adjustable .

Clear view microscopes with anti-mold and anti-reflection lens .

100% illumination and stereo view for the main surgeon and the assistant both at the 

identical magnification. 

Ergonomic brakes-release for perfect positioning.


Eyepiece Magnification: 12.5×

Objective Lens: f=200

Working Distance: 190mm

Magnifications for Main Microscope: 5.3×,8×,12×

Diameter of Field: F37mm,F25mm,F16.7mm

Adjustable Diopter:±7D

Adjustable Range of Pupil Distance: 50mm~80mm

Maximal Resolution: 100LP/mm

Illumination Source: 12V/100W,medical cold reflection halogen lamp

Illumination Type: 6°+0°Coaxial cold light source illumination

Coaxial Illumination: ≥30000lx

Reaching Radius of Arm: 870mm

Adjustable Vertical Range:700mm~1100mm

Fine Focusing Range: 30mm

Voltage: AC220V±22 V / 50Hz±1Hz,AC110V±11V /60Hz±1Hz

Power: 120VA

Fuse: AC250V T1.25A ,AC125V T2.5A


Electrical Safety Standard


Executive Standard: GB9706.1-2007,type I


Packing Volume: 0.2m3,1carton


Total Gross Weight: 41kg

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