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OM-V50 Operation Microscope


High intensity coaxial illumination, precision optics and practical ergonomics make the

OM-V50 Operation Microscope the best  choice for ophthalmic practitioners and mobile hospital.





●Portable with the roling wheel base

● High-quality optics for clarity and detail

 Three-step magnifications with multi-layered, multi-coated lens 

● Spring balance arm for easy moving

Eyepiece Magnification:12.5x


·Objective Lens:f=200mm


Working Distance: 190mm


·Magnification for Main Microscope: 5.3x,8x,12x


·Diameter of Field:38mm,25mm,17mm


Adjustable Diopter:±7D


Adjustable Range for PD:50mm~80mm


lllumination Source:12V/100W, medical cold reflection halogen amp 


lllumination Type:6°+0°Coaxial cold ight source illumination


Coaxial lllumination:=30000Ix


Reaching Radius of Arm: 870mm


Adjustable Vertical Range: 700mm~1100mm


Fine Focusing Range: 30mm

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