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LO-1 Eye Occluders

Versatile Design: The Lorgnette Pinhole Occluder can easily cover either eye, making it a versatile tool for vision testing and examination.

Multi-Hole Pinhole Attachment: Our occluder features a cluster of 15 pinhole openings, allowing for quick access to a pinhole view. These pinholes help focus light entering the eye and identify vision issues caused by refractive errors or other factors.

Perfect for Mydriatic Patients: The pinhole compensates for the inability to contract the pupil in a cycloplegic eye, making it suitable for testing visual acuity in Mydriatic patients.

Durable and Lightweight: Made from strong, high-impact plastic, our occluder is both durable and lightweight. It ensures long-lasting use while being easy for patients to hold during examinations.

Easy to Clean: The occluder is washable and easy to clean, ensuring hygienic use in medical settings.

Product Description: Introducing the Lorgnette Pinhole Occluder, a must-have tool for professionals in the medical field. Designed for visual acuity testing, this occluder is suitable for various examination purposes.

The multi-hole pinhole attachment is a standout feature of our occluder. With a cluster of 15 holes, it provides a quick and efficient way to focus the light entering the eye and detect reduced vision caused by refractive errors or other factors.


 The pinhole attachment is particularly beneficial for Mydriatic patients, compensating for the inability to contract the pupil in a cycloplegic eye.

Crafted from durable high-impact plastic, the Lorgnette Pinhole Occluder is built to withstand frequent use.


Its lightweight design ensures patient comfort during examinations, while the wide 12cm handle provides a secure grip.
Maintaining hygiene is essential in medical settings, which is why our occluder is washable and easy to clean.


This feature ensures safe and hygienic use, promoting a healthier environment for both patients and practitioners.


· Material : ABS plastic

· Size : 20cm x 22cm

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