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  • Rechargeable and cordless

  • Compact, lightweight and ergonomic design

  • Easy selection of slit width

  • Extra-bright LED lamp light source

  • Safe and comfortable for patient

  • Fits into lightweight case

Magnification:10x,16x eyepieces included


Diopter Adjustment: ±5D


Diameter of light: Φ0.1, φ1,φ3,φ10mm


Pupil distance: 45-70mm


Working distance; 78mm


Slit width0mm~10mm continuously adjustable


Slit heightΦ0.2, φ0.3, φ5, φ10mm


FilterHeat absorption, Red-free, Cobalt blue


Illumination rotator angleHorizontal ±30°


IlluminationHigh luminance white LED

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