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The VT-350 is a practical vision tester.It can provide quick and accurate refractionsvery easily.With synchronised cross cyliners,t automatically rotates in conjunction withthe set cylinder axis.

-Sphere Power Range:+16.75D~-19.00D by 0.25D step

-Cylinder Power Range:


0.00D~-8.00D by 0.25D step

(when applied with auxiliary lens-2.00D)-Cylinder axis Range:0°~180°by 5°step-Cross cylinder:±0.25D

-Rotary prism Range:O△~20△ by 1△step-PD adjustment:5075mm

-Convergence adjustment:,380mm(when PD=64mm)

-Forehead rest adjustment:16mm-Vertex distance:12mm

-Standard accessorial lens:circinal lens,double even lens

-Standard accessories:near point card,reading rod,dustcover,face mat,lens accessorial instrument.



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