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TF-K30 Trial Frame

TF-K30 trial frame adopts the highly soft and bright colored plastic,and the axis is adjustable by rotating screw.The frame leg is adjustedby pulling and stretching,a variety of pupil distances are available,which is much more convenient for the patients.Our design philosophyis to make the product more simplistic and cute,and takes the children'sneeds into consideration.Simultaneously,TF-K30 features light weightand good looking.

Discover the perfect solution for refractive examination with our Adjustable Length Range Optics Trial Frame. Designed for precise measurements and optimal viewing experience, this trial frame offers a range of features to enhance your work.

With an adjustable length range of 125-155mm, you can easily find the perfect fit for every patient. The pupil distance range of 52mm, 54mm, 56mm, 58mm, and 60mm ensures accurate measurements for a wide range of individuals.

The axis scale, ranging from 0° to 180° and 180° to 120°, allows for easy and precise axis adjustment. The markings at 5° intervals ensure accuracy and reliability.

The effective internal aperture of 38mm provides a clear and unobstructed view, allowing you to examine the eyes with ease. Plus, the trial frame can accommodate up to 4 lenses, with 3 in the front and 1 in the rear.

With a 360° rotation degree of the optical axis of the lens in the inner ring of the frame, you have the flexibility to adjust the lenses as needed. The nonparallelism between the optical axis of the lens and the geometric axis of the frame is ≤2.5°, ensuring accurate measurements.

Experience precision and stability with the ≤0.5mm difference between the optical center and the geometric center of the lens, as well as the ≤0.3mm displacement of the lens relative to the geometric center of the frame.

Combine our Adjustable Length Range Optics Trial Frame with optometry lenses for comprehensive refractive examination. Its clinical application makes it an essential tool for eye care professionals.

Invest in quality, reliability, and precision with our Adjustable Length Range Optics Trial Frame. Upgrade your refractive examinations today!

Trial frame material:plastic.

●  Light weight.

●  No distortion after turning,pressing and pulling.

●  No anaphylaxis to patient's skin.Never depigment.

● Available for both adults and children.Fixed PD:52mm ~72mm optional.

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