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TF-E40 Trial Frame

TF-E40 features its light weight and simpledesign.It is made of titanium metal materialand it is adjustable for PD,cylinder axis andframe legs.It is ideal for children optometry.

● Easy insert and removal of lenses

● User-friendly operating elements in a "soft design"

● Minimal pressure due to optimal weight distribution

● Well toleration due to new material

● Adjustment of Pupillary Distance:Two eyes'pupillary distance is 54 mm~70 mm,and adjustment ofeach grade requires change of 2 mm.

●Inner pore diameter of lens frame:φ34 mm

·lens inserted into left and right lens frames at the same time:4 pieces

● Degree that lens rotates around optic axle inside lens frame:360°

● Misalignment between lens optic center and frame geometric center:s0.5 mm

● Displacement of lens to position of geometric center of lens frame:≤0.3 mm

● Adjustment range of nose rest:-Up and down direction 4 mm

-Width between 2 nose rests 7.5 mm~11 mm-Rotation angle of left or right nose rest 20°

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