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TF-D48 Trial Frame

The TF-D48 Trial Frame is a super lightweight user-friendly design.An ergonomic design, easy to reach knobs for PD and piece adjustment complete this handcrafted trial frame.

Easily Adjustable: This trial frame allows you to easily adjust the nose pad height, angle, and side length, providing a comfortable fit for all users.

Versatile Compatibility: Accepts 38mm trial lenses of both reduced and full aperture with metal and plastic rims, ensuring compatibility with various lenses.

Precise PD Range: Separate right and left pupillary distance (PD) ranges from 48-80 mm. The templates can be adjusted in length and angle, allowing for accurate measurements.

Lightweight and Durable: Crafted from high-quality aluminum and titanium materials, this trial frame is lightweight (0.11 lb) yet sturdy, ensuring long-lasting use.

Convenient Lens Storage: Designed to hold up to 10 trial lenses, equivalent to five pairs of lenses with a diameter of 38 mm, for easy access during examinations.

· Material: Titanium

· PD range: 48-80 mm

· Adjustable temple length and angles, axis postioners

· Hold up to 10 trial lenses(five pairs of lenses ø 38 mm)

· Adjujustable nose pads height and front

· Size: 12.0 x 6.0 x 4.0 IN

· Weight: 15 OZ

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