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RFK-960 Auto Refractometer


New optical system, unique imaging impression

Hartman imaging analyzing and processing technology, accurate measurement result

Bright 7” TFT tilt touch screen, can move front and back freely

Motorized chinrest

Auto paper-cutting printer

Auto tracking and focusing during measuring

Vertex Distance (VD): 0.0, 12.0, 13.75, 15.0

SPH: -30.00D~+25.00D (VD=12mm, 0.01, 0.06, 0.12, 0.25 Unit)

CYL: 0.00D~±10.00D (0.06, 0.12, 0.25 Unit)

Axis (AX): 1°~180°(1° Unit)

Cylinder Form: -, +, ±

Pupil Distance (PD): 10~86mm

Minimum Pupil Distance: 2.0mm

Measuring Time: 0.5s

Pupil Diameter: 2.008.00mm

Measuring Light Energy: 30uw (Insure measuring safety)

Radius of Curvature: 5.0~10.0mm (0.01mm Unit)

Corneal Power: 33.00D~67.00D (In case that the corneal equivalent refractive power is 1.3375)

Corneal Astigmatism: 0.00D~-15.00D (0.06D/0.12D/0.25D Unit)

Data Storing: Each 10 measured values of left eyes and right eyes

Axis: 1°~180°

Chart: Auto fog

Monitor: SHARP 7″ TFT LCD touch screen (Angle of view adjustable)

Built-in Printer: 57mm thermal printer, auto paper-cutting

Electric Power: AC 100250V, 50/60Hz

N.W.: 48Lbs.

G.W.: 58Lbs.

Dimensions (packing): (L)26”x(W)15”x(H)25”

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